Snowflake on Electric Blue


piCture pOlish Electric Blue is a dark navy blue with a fierce shimmer throughout!  Here I’ve used two coats, though in real life (without bright lights and macro shots), one coat would be fine!  I used It’s So Easy StripeRite in white to do a simple snowflake and sealed it in with Glisten & Glow HK Girl (the rest of the nails are done in Out the Door…I save my HK Girl for nail art!  Must conserve its amazingness!).

Snowflake manicures are so delicate and beautiful and can be done in so many ways.  It always amuses me though how “pretty” snowflake manis are when in real life, snow can be so gross after we drive around in it, but they’re still fun to wear!  piCture pOlish is based in Australia, but is available worldwide through a variety of stockists!  To learn where you can get piCture pOlish shades