DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Hosting an outdoor gathering this weekend or this summer?  If you live in the south especially, you know the mosquitoes are already out in full force.  Burning citronella torches or candles seems to be a common way at attempting to keep them away from your porch, backyard, or deck.  So here’s a quick and easy solution and bonus – it uses mason jars which are sort of all the rage and highly available right now. 

You can make your own tiki torch by using a jar, oil, and a wick.  I saw the idea on Pinterest with no souce but it was pretty self explanatory. 

I reused some old jelly jars that are actual mason jars and used tiki torch wicks although I think you could use a large candle wick as well.  You could use anything from the vintage blue mason jars, they even have some pretty green mason jars out right now remade to look like the old vintage jars, or any glass jar you have around.  You will also need a lid whether it is the lid that came on the jar or a ring and canning lid that you can buy in the canning section at any store.  The oil was $5, the packs of wicks $2, and the jars I already had.