How to Build a Simple Chevron Outdoor Wall

This can be adapted whether you have a stone patio surrounded by dirt and grass, a balcony or a free standing deck like we have. The best part is this wall cost us about $150 to build!

Dan is a PLANNER. Which is good. He keeps me in check. He is the measure twice guy. Thank goodness. So when we decided on chevron, he scurried away to his planning desk in the rec room for a good few hours to mock up some options for us.

The supply list looks like this:
Twenty Four 1x6x5′ lengths of pressure treated lumber
Two 4x4x8′ pressure treated posts
Three lengths 2x4x8′ pressure treated lumber
Deck Screws
Four 2×4 wood-to-wood connector plates
3″ lag screws & washers
Circular Saw – We have and love this one
Compound Sliding Mitre Saw
Nail Gun – We love this one
Impact Drill and Driver – (here’s the kit we have)
The entire structure is 7.5′ wide and 6′ tall, and attached to the deck with 4×4 posts. To secure them, we initially thought we’d use deck plates just screwed into the top of the deck, but decided that would not withstand an Atlantic Canadian hurricane. Instead, Dan notched out the 4×4 posts and secured them to the deck joists.